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Relationships, Sex and Health Education:

Learning with A Fertile Heart

Welcome to A Fertile Heart.

We are passionate about educating young people on the subject of RSHE to offer them support in becoming the best version of themselves.

From September 2020, it is mandatory for RSHE to be taught in schools across England. Until now, there has been no set curriculum for this, but through A Fertile Heart, we aim to take this opportunity to enrich the lives of young people by empowering them to view their own personal development as something they themselves can direct.

With the curriculum changing, a group of like minded individuals sat down and thought about what their children would be learning at school. Would the lessons be in line with what they were being taught at home and at Church? Or, would there be conflicting messaging?

We wanted to make sure that the RSHE teachings were appropriate and with the goal of creating well-rounded humans with a strong sense of self and knowledge on healthy relationships.

Through a series of RSHE workbooks, RSHE lesson plans and guided discussions, our RSE syllabus teaches what it means to be a person and the role we all have within society in partnership with God.

Throughout the years, we teach about the joys of authentic relationships and how to nurture them. The content of the lessons is shaped by the vision and wisdom of Christian teaching.

In primary RSHE education, we focus on being YOU and unique, learning about basic morals and as we move into secondary school and the older key stages, we look at relationships, appropriate vulnerability, what it means to be a good person, using social media and bullying, amongst other key topics.

We cover sex education during years 10 and 11, to make sure young people are already equipped with sound knowledge before we tackle the trickier subjects. Our lessons are in line with Catholic teachings and we work with teachers to make sure they understand the lessons in their entirety, with ongoing support for them throughout the syllabus.

You can view our RSHE sample lessons and see our syllabus, or get in touch to find out more.

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