Sample Resources for Key Stage 4 lessons

Exploring Years 10 and 11

Having developed a stronger sense of personhood by discovering what it means to be true to ourselves in God, Key Stage 4 moves on to affective sexual education. This is about appreciating physical intimacy as more than simply an expression of love and affection but also the awesome capacity to create new life. Years 10 and 11 take plenty of time to continually re-evaluate human life and love as precious gifts because they are too often commodified in wider society.

Year 10

Sexuality and our Relationship with God go hand in hand and we explore what it means to be fertile, in both senses of the word. We map out the things we are grateful for, starting with life itself and working out the things which God has gifted to us.

Module 10f: Sexuality and Relationship with God

Sexuality is a gift from God and so we should be conscious about who we share that gift with. We can love other people without giving ourselves fully to them, and without leaning in to the pressures of the media, social media and pop culture.

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Year 11

We are all in control of our own thoughts and decisions. We have free will and the power to take decisions into our own hands. Knowing what is ‘right’ plays a large part in this and us being able to voice our opinions in a clear and decent manner.

Module 11b: The Intellectual Virtues

We revisit past lessons and learn how we can best think for ourselves. One of the earlier lessons was about joy versus pleasure and it is still relevant in this lesson. We learn how to make informed and intuitive decisions that will enrich lives as opposed to offering a temporary fix or sense of enjoyment.

Slides and teachers notes

Sample Key Stage 4 Lessons

Below you will find an excerpt from our Key Stage 4 curriculum, scroll through to see the lessons for Module 10f and Module 11b.