“To assist schools with RSHE through the delivery of a dynamic and inspiring education program which will deepen the spiritual, moral, emotional and intellectual development of young people.”


Soon it will be compulsory for all schools across England to teach Relationships Education at primary level and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at secondary Level. These are essential topics for our young people to cover, but we must make sure these lessons are delivered with care and compassion, with the Church in mind. That’s why A Fertile Heart developed its faith-inspired RSHE programme for Catholic & Christian schools.

Many teachers will find themselves teaching a sensitive subject which they are unfamiliar with, tackling big subjects and navigating through tricky questions. It is no secret that there is a shortage of Catholic & Christian teaching staff, so many non-Catholic &  non-Christian teachers will find themselves delivering these lessons to Catholic and Christian children.

Our RSHE curriculum resources have been developed to offer a caring solution to teaching these subjects, offering support to teachers and carefully crafted Relationships and Sex Education lesson plans to deliver the mandatory messaging, in a way we would be comfortable with as parents.


A Fertile Heart is a purposely developed, faith-inspired programme of study that offers all our schools a solution to this situation. It allows schools to deliver the new statutory RSE curriculum, covering its required subjects and teachings in a way that adheres to core Catholic & Christian values.

The programme is founded on the beliefs of the Church and encourages young people to see beauty differently and to understand the values of human connection and self-worth.

It is the work of teachers and priests from the dioceses of Birmingham, Cardiff, Clifton, and Shrewsbury, with the programme reinforcing the values of growth, love and patience to young people.

The course provides RSE subject modules for teachers to deliver. From lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations to teacher guidance and textbooks, our comprehensive resources cover Relationships Education curriculum for years four to six and Relationships and Sex Education curriculum for years seven to eleven. With support available and teaching guides readily created, we are best placed to support teachers in delivering this content confidently. We appreciate the struggles that teachers may face along the way and have preempted the support that will be needed in the trickier subject areas.

The programme meets diocesan guidelines as well as the statutory curriculum, covering essential topics, such as beauty and bullying to tolerance and temperance. Tried and tested over the last two years, A Fertile Heart has received extremely positive feedback from both teachers and pupils in the 43 primary and 13 secondary schools who have piloted it so far. Those numbers are growing by the day.


Our programme is about empowering young people to be the best version of themselves through learning about love, relationships, respect and vulnerability. Our RSE curriculums are designed to support Catholic and Christian teachings to help young people grow and understand themselves as humans.

Crucially, the course supports what Catholic & Christian education is all about: helping our young people to grow, to understand what it is to be human and to be fully engaged in a fulfilling life. It promotes the triangle of family, parish, and school, encouraging discussion and interaction, focusing on the freedom to seek the truth, the freedom to discover and the ability to love.

This RSE course has never been more relevant or needed than it is today. It offers a solution to the negative pressures placed on young people, providing them with a better understanding of self and equipping them with the capabilities to grow into well-rounded people with strong Catholic and Christian value, that can be weaved into their school lives and beyond.


We would very much appreciate your support and influence as Catholic Christian figures in our community to help bring A Fertile Heart to our schools across the country. If you would like to find out more about how you can support the cause, please get in touch.


You can purchase sets of books or view sample modules and resources within our website. If you have questions and queries before you buy then get in touch to speak to a member of the team. To work out the costs of teaching A Fertile Heart in your school visit the cost calculator, to give you a clear picture of your investment.

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