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Our commitment is to help shape the lives of young people. We do this by providing RSHE learning resources that are both educational and enriching. We cover diverse topics across the age range, ensuing the content is appropriate and informative. Take a look at our sample RSHE lessons and year group summaries to find out more.

Key Stage 1

A Fertile Heart KS1 books

Starting with the creation stories of Genesis, then Jesus’ parables and the stories of Noah and Joseph, we introduce the children to being created in love by God who wants them to grow. They are invited to cooperate in their growth – and to help others, and creation, grow as well. Contemporary stories, songs and other activities help the learning be interactive and fun in this introduction to RSHE.

Key Stage 2

Fertile Heart Key stage 2
In Years 3-6 RSHE lessons, we highlight personhood, relationship and what it means to be truly happy. Exploring freedom, tolerance, truth, love, beauty and reason, we help each child understand the importance of life-giving relationships, and how to develop them.  We gradually develop the connection we have with God, each other and all creation – and help the children begin to understand their emotions and deeper desires – and the great diversity they will encounter in life.

Key Stage 3

Fertile Heart Key stage 3 cover

KS3 RSHE modules begin with a comprehensive recap of the key points of Y4-6, then explores appropriate vulnerability as a key to understanding all relationship. After then exploring the key choices we need to continually make to grow as persons, we reflect on adolescence, marriage, personhood and family. Understanding their fertility and fascination with others helps each pupil develop, love themselves amidst temporary confusion, and avoid many potential pitfalls.

Key Stage 4

Fertile Heart KS4 cover

Having developed a stronger sense of personhood by discovering what it means to be true to ourselves in God, Y10 RSHE lessons move on to affective sexual education – seeing physical intimacy as potentially a communication of love and a sharing of one’s gift of fertility. Y11 RSHE lessons then develops the students’ understanding of the virtues and their relevance to life. Stewardship, suffering, struggle, personal beauty and forgiveness are all covered too. All this expands our shared creativity with God.

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