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Key Stage 2

Fertile Heart Key stage 2

From Year 4 through to 6, we explore personhood and what it means to be truly happy. Explaining how to build solid friendships and valuable relationships, inspired by the truth of respect for individual dignity. Understanding how best to respect differences between beliefs and persons is a fundamental strand of the approach within Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 3

Fertile Heart Key stage 3 cover

Adolescence, marriage, personhood and family are a handful of the topics covered in Key Stage 3. Fertility and fascination are brought into the syllabus as we explore physical and spiritual relationships and what they mean for personal dignity.

Key Stage 4

Fertile Heart KS4 cover

Having developed a stronger sense of personhood by discovering what it means to be true to ourselves in God, Key Stage 4 moves on to affective sexual education. This is about appreciating physical intimacy as more than simply an expression of love and affection but also the awesome capacity to create new life. Years 10 and 11 take plenty of time to continually re-evaluate human life and love as precious gifts because they are too often commodified in wider society.

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