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A Fertile Heart

A Fertile Heart is a faith inspired program designed to shape the future of young people through the delivery of relationships and sexual health education (RSHE).

With the announcement of the new RSHE curriculum being made mandatory in schools across the UK, it sparked a conversation between like-minded individuals, with concerns on how the content was going to be delivered.

  • Will it align with our personal belief system?
  • Will it compliment what we teach at home and in the Church?
  • How do I know my child is learning appropriately?

Were all questions that were discussed and debated, then A Fertile Heart was born.

We exist to provide faith based RSHE education to Catholic schools across the country and overseas, to ensure the quality of content and that the delivery is in line with Catholic teachings.

Passionate about young people and shaping their future, we understand that RSHE is a sensitive area of teaching and our programme is designed to link the fundamental teachings with that of the Church, in a delicate and informative way. Our program is designed for years 4 to 11, and exists to shed light on RSHE, creating well rounded humans who develop a sense of personhood.

Through a variety of modules and lessons, we empower young people to learn the meaning of love and relationships, respect and vulnerability. Equally, our resources offer teachers the confidence to deliver this content, despite it not always being an area of expertise for them. We understand that these areas of teaching may be unfamiliar, and so we make every effort to make that journey easier.

Piloted and tested

We have been working with schools for a few years now, piloting and testing our programme to make sure it is the best it can be. Our biggest achievement to date is launching our faith inspired RSHE program into all 56 Catholic Schools in Cardiff. Initially, they took on our workbooks and integrated them into their teachings. Now, two years into the working relationship, they benefit from slides with every lesson, teaching notes, editable notes so that the teachers can put their own take on the content, worksheets and a list of other helpful content that we have curated that supports our work.

Aligned with beliefs

Notable feedback includes that from non-faith teachers, who have found that our program opens up the dialogue with students and brings them closer, after finding room to have conversations about opinions, beliefs and thoughts, creating an engaging and interesting dynamic.

For the faith-based teachers, they found that our program aligned with their own beliefs, allowing them to talk freely and easily with students, opening up and having real conversations about a subject they are passionate about.

Support from across the country

Not only that, but our program is supported by the Archbishop of Cardiff and the Bishop of Shrewsbury, with feedback and praise from other Bishops around the country. Archbishop George Stack of Cardiff has recommended the resource to the Congregation for Catholic Education at the Vatican. The syllabus has also been brought to the attention of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life within the Vatican who have commissioned the soon to be launched GoodLove Foundation to assess programs that help young people develop an affective maturity. Our Education Consultant Edmund Adamus has been a member of the new foundation since the beginning.

Plus, we are only just getting started.

Join our journey and view our sample RHSE lessons, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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