Key Stage 2

KS2 RSHE Lessons: Sample Resources

Exploring years 3 – 6

In Key Stage 2, we teach years 3-6 how to explore personhood and explain the importance of building and maintaining solid friendships and relationships. A fundamental topic of RSHE teaching at this level is how to respect differences between both people and their beliefs.

Sample lesson: Module 3c: Water of Life

To understand that receiving the water of life moves us towards God our Father and to see how this helps us to love, grow, and be healthy and beautiful.  An important truth the children learn about being human is that, especially in relationship to God, we have to first receive love so as to be able to give love. Jesus first gives us grace and living water so that we can then love in return.

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Year 3

With a heavy focus on Jesus in John’s Gospel, Year 3 will give your child the opportunity to develop his or her understanding of who they are. We’ll consolidate the idea of God as Our Father, installing the key building blocks for this year and beyond. Year 3 also speaks to the idea that home, school and church are all places where we can grow together. Lessons highlight the essence of marriage between a man and women, and the importance of being faithful to God, yourself and others.

Year 4

Happiness, conscience and exploring our emotions. We look at the difference between joy and pleasure and how God relates to how we feel. We are all made in God’s image and together we learn how to keep this image in mind and to act accordingly.

Module 4c: Happiness, Conscience and Emotions

What is the difference between joy and pleasure?

Children will learn about the difference and be able to explain it, as well as how using your conscience makes for a more reliable choice than using emotions alone. We explore what drives us to make decisions and whether or not they are being made for the correct reasons.

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Year 5

What makes you a person? What makes you a rounded person? These are big questions to tackle but we break them down to explore personhood and development of moral and intellectual compasses. Humans relate in a deeper way than other living beings, this is a key theme which we explore.

Module 5a: Life is Relational – especially for Persons!

We are all persons and everything is relational. But, the time spent with another human feels different to time spent with other living things. Why is this? As persons, we rely on human interaction and relationship building in order to find a sense of fulfilment. There are many relationships in nature and so we look at how they interact and what matters most to us in life.

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Year 6

Faith and science correlate more than you may realise. We explore the two together and how we can learn from both teachings as a whole.

Module 6h: Faith and Science: the Beginning

Faith explains WHY things are made and science explains HOW things are made. As a result of this, the two interlink perfectly. You don’t have to choose between faith and science, so we teach Genesis and the Big Bang simultaneously.

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Sample KS2 RSHE Lessons

Below you will find an excerpt from our Key Stage 2 RSHE curriculum, scroll through to see the lessons for Module 4c, Module 5a and Module 6h.