Key Stage 3

KS3 RSHE Lessons: Sample Resources

Exploring years 7 – 9

Personhood, family, marriage and become adolescents make up an important part of the RSHE lesson material covered in years 7 to 9. The topic of fertility is introduced into the syllabus at KS3 and discussion of both spiritual and physical relationships and how they align with the Christian faith.

Year 7

What does it mean to be tolerant? There are people from different walks of life all over this world, so to love and accept them regardless is something we must teach and learn. Differences aside, tolerance of others is essential to move throughout life and develop our own personhood.

Module 7c: Tolerance

Tolerance is all about accepting someone’s path, although it may be very different to our own. It can be daunting when others have views or beliefs that don’t align with the way in which we live, but by creating space and having conversations about these differences will make for more harmonious living, with expansive minds and open hearts.

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Year 8

What does it mean to be appropriately vulnerable and what effect does texting and social media have on this? Phones are a portal to another world and with the growing popularity of smartphones and apps, it is more important than ever that we teach the morally correct ways of conducting yourself online and via text messages.

Module 8f: Texting

In many ways, social media has opened the doors to a lot of opportunities. Be that for work, friendships or relationships. However, with a digital world at our fingertips, have we lost the meaning of true connection? It is also important to know what is an appropriate use of this technology and how we can enrich our offline relationships.

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Year 9

Desires are based on emotional experiences, but knowing which of these are objective and subjective is a different matter entirely. We explore the two and look at different dieters which may arise and how to handle them in an appropriate manner.

Module 9c: Getting in Touch with my Desires

A strong desire is rarely the same as a deep desire. That fact alone can be hard to process but we look at the emotions behind both of those kinds of desires and what they mean to us. Whether it is wanting to win a competition or wanting to eat a slice of cake, our desires play out differently and have different consequences on our lives.

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Sample Key Stage 3 RSHE Lessons

Below you will find an excerpt from our Key Stage 3 RSHE curriculum, scroll through to see the lessons for Module 7c, Module 8f and Module 9c.