Key Stage 1

KS1 RHE Lessons: Sample Resources

reception – year 2

Starting our KS1 RHE with the creation stories of Genesis, then Jesus’ parables and the stories of Noah and Joseph, we introduce the children to being created in love by God who wants them to grow. They are invited to cooperate in their growth – and to help others, and creation, grow as well. Contemporary stories, songs and other activities help the learning be interactive and fun.

Module Rc – God helps me to grow

In this RHE module, the children learn that they are like tiny seeds that God creates out of his love, and helps to grow.
This helps us to be at peace about who we are, how we grow, and any differences we have because we know God is guiding our growth.
Once more, we see a similarity between us and the rest of creation, but we also see a difference: we don’t just grow in our bodies, we grow in love, too.

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Year 1

In Year 1, the six RHE modules are structured by the Hail Mary, separated into three parts: helping us to receive God’s love so that we can love ourselves, each other and the whole human family.

Module 1d – Loving myself helps me love you

This RHE module helps the children to understand how knowing they are loved helps them love themselves and love others. Jesus loves us in our smallness, and even when others don’t and/or when we’ve been mean. This constancy gives us both a resilience and an impetus to be good. Loving ourselves leads us to cooperate in our growth, and not worrying about ourselves frees us to think about others more – helping us to share, be kind and be inclusive. This makes everyone happier.

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Year 2

In Year 2 RHE, the Our Father helps the children to understand their journey from earth to heaven. Jesus, our Saviour guides us on this journey of service, trust, cooperation, forgiveness and avoiding pitfalls.

Module 2c – Trusting in God when things go wrong

This RHE module explores ‘thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven’, teaching us to still trust in God when things go wrong. Jesus’ Calming of the Storm helps us see that things may not go as we plan, but that God’s plans for us are always bigger and better – as you’d expect from a loving, almighty Father.


Slides and teachers notes

Sample KS1 RHE Lessons

Below you will find an excerpt from our Key Stage 1 RHE curriculum, scroll through to see the lessons for Module Rc, Module 1d and Module 2c.