Year 10

Year 10 Sample Lesson

Module 10f: Sexuality and Relationship with God

The gift of chastity comes with offering our sexuality back to God. Yet chastity is rare. Still, almost every religion teaches and values that sexual intimacy is best reserved for lifelong committed marriage. As Pope Francis says, “When sexuality tends to be trivialised and impoverished. It can only be seen within the broader framework of an education for love, for mutual self-giving.” This is what Fertile Heart strives to do. Pope F also says that we must show adolescents how “to develop a critical sense in dealing with the onslaught of new ideas and suggestions, the flood of pornography and the overload of stimuli that can deform sexuality” [Amoris Laetitia 280-81].

This module guides students in healthy conversations about what the Bible says about sexuality. It examines the value of chastity in our own lives and marriages. Chastity of the mind and heart, as well as the body, takes time, patience, and understanding, but it forms our sexuality into something beautiful, personal, and self-giving.

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