Year 11

Year 11 Sample Lesson

Module 11b: The Intellectual Virtues

The Christian definition of “virtue” is the firm and habitual disposition to do good. Our virtues, in short, are the good things we do that define us. Our moral obligation as Christians is to cultivate and practise these virtues. Intellectual virtues are essential. They guide how a person interprets, processes, and interacts with truth and knowledge.
This module revisits past lessons and learns how we can best think for ourselves. One of the earlier sessions was about joy versus pleasure, which is still relevant in this lesson. We know how to make informed and intuitive decisions that will enrich lives. Students do away with the thinking that leads them to offer a temporary fix. They learn why joy is superior to pleasure. They also see how the virtues of intellect, wisdom, and understanding grow in us when we seek the truth.

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