Year 4

Year 4 Sample Lesson

Module 4c: Happiness, Conscience and Emotions

Module 4c is about happiness, conscience, and exploring our emotions. It defines joy and pleasure and describes how to use the conscience. Research suggests that we should start young if we want to develop a conscience. The development of conscience begins in infancy. Most of it takes place in the parent/caregiver-child relationship. As educators, we, too, can build upon the work started at home.

Children need to differentiate between joy and pleasure. It’s the best way for them to develop healthy consciences. In this module, they learn about the difference to enable them to explain it to others. We also show them how using their consciences makes for reliable choices. The conscience is more reliable than using only emotions. The critical point is that if we listen to our conscience, it becomes more robust, but if we ignore it, then it becomes quieter.

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