How you can help RSHE program A Fertile Heart

We have launched the crowdfunding campaign for A Fertile Heart

How you can help RSHE program A Fertile Heart

A Fertile Heart has launched a Crowdfunding campaign to support its mission to serve Catholic education across the UK with its RSHE program.

A Fertile Heart is an initiative with a strong and vibrant Catholic ethos, headed by Laurence Tunicliffe, a committed Catholic husband and father who runs his own printing and publishing company in Staffordshire. The mission was set up in 2018 after extensive research over what was going to be taught to children in RSHE following changes in the law.

A Fertile Heart was started to help schools and parents forge a renewed partnership of working together to provide the best personal, moral, and spiritual development of children. It is a comprehensive program of study from primary through to the end of secondary school addressing topics from personal identity and dignity, bullying and appropriate vulnerability to relationships and science.

The Crowdfunding campaign aims to raise money which will go towards getting A Fertile Heart into Catholic schools across the UK, to enrich the lives of young people through sensitive and compassionate learning.

The program supports teachers as well as students, with guidance and tutorials on how to tackle trickier subjects, if they find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Only 57% of teachers in Catholic schools are Catholic, so many non-Catholic and non-specialist teachers are called upon to deliver these kinds of lessons, which is why it is more important now than ever that the correct information and resources are available.

Laurence said, “It has been a privilege to develop these programs over the last 12 months and now the goal is to share it with as many Catholic schools as possible. RSHE is now mandatory in all schools across England as part of the curriculum and we want to help make sure that children are continue to be taught the same beliefs at school as they are at home by their parents and families.”

The Crowdfunding campaign is live until 14th October 2020 and you can find out more how best to support the mission by clicking here. If you would like to find out more about A Fertile Heart get in touch.