A Fertile Heart: RSHE Programme Webinar

A Fertile Heart: RSHE Programme Webinar

For children returning to school after this year’s summer holidays, Relationships Sex and Health Education (RSHE) will be a compulsory element of the curriculum at both primary and secondary levels. Naturally, this could leave some parents feeling anxious about the nature of their children’s RSE lessons and if the teachings are in harmony with their beliefs and what is being taught at home or at church. Alternatively, it can leave the faith schools with the challenging task of introducing appropriate learning for a delicate area of teaching and making sure it’s suitable for a wide range of ages.

A Fertile Heart resolutely believes that educating young people in these subjects is imperative and doing so in a sensitive, compassionate and caring manner is at the top of our agenda. Our faith inspired RSHE program for Catholic and Christian schools has been created with both the Church’s vision and the development of our young people at the heart of its principles. We are passionate about shaping the future of young people and want to teach them to have a strong sense of both self and healthy relationships with others, learning the meaning of love, respect and vulnerability.

Both faith and non-faith teachers alike have provided positive feedback, advising that the program opens a dialogue with their students and allows them to talk freely in engaging conversations about important topics. Our DfE compliant RSHE lesson plans come fully equipped for teachers with supporting materials:

  • Workbooks
  • Digital slides
  • Dedicated helpline
  • FAQs
  • Sample RSHE lessons & tutorials

We’d love to take the opportunity to discuss our RSHE program further with you, providing additional information and answering any questions you might have. If you’d like to join our free 1 hour Relationships Sex and Health Education programme webinar on Wednesday 28th April at 16:00, all you need to do is email edmund@fertileheart.org.uk with your name and contact details.

We look forward to taking this opportunity to speak to you about our mission to build well-rounded humans and empower young people.

Date: Wednesday April 28th
Time: 17:00 – 18:00
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Online – link will be sent upon registration